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reflections from the yoga mat


Our yoga practice requires us to step inside of our skin and focus on oneself. At so many other points throughout the day, we're needed. there are definitely times its been contemplated if daily practice is selfish, but we come to the same conclusion over and over again - we are a better parents because we have this space for ourselves, the Unapologetic 'me' Time.

We'll be the first to admit that we love the way our body's have changed through our yoga practice. But ultimately our physical self was the last thing we hopped onto our mat for. still, there's no denying that we love the body that our yoga practice has made - The main reason we come to our mat was for Health and invigoration that we feel, both during a practice and during the rest of our daily life's.

We have absolutely grown as individuals because of our yoga practice. Its forced us to confront our ego's, our need for control and perfection. We can't believe how much of these qualities no longer define us because of our practice.


We have certainly become more patient. part of this comes from simply working on poses that literally took us years to master (or we still working on). our practise has also taught us to enjoy those poses between poses - better known as life.

Some of our best practices involve taking time to be still, just sitting in the same place on our mats; focusing on our breath or getting deeply into one posture and then holding it. We've taken this stillness out into our daily life,

Happiness is our responsibility, sure other people can affect our moods - but they don't get credit for causing them. Your happiness is your responsibility, period. Our yoga practice gets the credit for this realisation because we learnt how much power and control we have over ourselves from our mat time.

Our body is beautiful. No, we didn't reach this conclusion because of the physical body that our practice sculpts. Rather, We have been able to find an appreciation for ourselves on a much deeper level and this has forced us to accept that quite often. the level of satisfaction we have with our outer bodies is directly connected to the level of satisfaction we have with ourselves internally.

Yoga exists off the mat. Ironically, having a regular practice of asanas had taught us to seeyoga that we practice constantly, when we are no where near our mat. We've learned to be open to final outcomes that we never expected or even dreamed of. we've also learnt that opening your heart to other people, and to your own self, is scary and vulnerable - but its necessary to live your existence to it's fullest. Open your heart, even when it hurts; otherwise you will not experience the full range of joy that life has to offer either. We have to say these are the most life impacting things We've learnt from our regular yoga practice. Are these going to be the same important things you gain from your mat time? Probably not, because you and we are not the same.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the best aspects of life cannot be taught - they have to be lived and experienced by you alone.

We do hope thatlessons from our own personal experience has inspired you to figure out exactly what it is that you get from your own practice. And the reasons WHY, exactly, do you step on your mat?



Muscle Energy is an energetic magnetism of the outer circumstances of the body, it's where the skin, muscles, bones are Magnetised together, into the core of the inner body.